Uganda in Global Spotlight for Financial Digital Innovation-HTP Hails Airsave’s Damulira Henry at Protea Hotel

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin & HTP at Protea Hotel for Airsave (17)
Innovation Award Winning Henry Damulira of Airsave & HTP President General Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin at Protea Hotel-Kololo.

Mr. Damulira Henry is a Ugandan Innovation Award Winning Winner for year 2016 after initiating and innovating Airsave a digital mobile Banking Application that allows users to save money and withdraw it when the automated period of time reaches. The Company is partnering with Uganda Telecom Companies like Airtel & MTN.

Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP was privileged to attend the see off ceremony and Press Conference at Protea Hotel-Kololo yesterday 18th April 2016. Henry is set for Accra Ghana where he is going to compete for the world Innovation Award on 27th next week and thereafter descend in Silicon Valley, the mother of  invention for various internet technologies in United States of America.

HTP President General Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin in company of Mr. Asiimwe Geofrey Jr, HTP Staff in department of Minerals & Natural Resources speaking to the invited guests at Protea hailed Airsave for the innovation and remarked that the tainted image of Uganda from previous dictatorial regimes and insurgencies is being refurbished on the global scene with the help of people like Henry Damulira.

Other speakers were Rev Peterson Ssozi & Representatives of U.N Youth

Were presenting to you images of the ceremony.



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