Appreciation for Attending HTP 25th April 2016 General Meeting In Kampala

Heal The Planet Team for 25 04 16 General Meeting in Kampala (2)
Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP Team 25th April 2016 in Kampala from 3rd General Meeting 2016 . From Left, Gloria Nantongo (Staff-Department of Diplomacy & International Relations), Allan Andrew Semulema-Director Depart of Children, Alberto Mujeera-Director -Department of Relief & Disaster Management, Yusuf  Wor-Director Department International Aid, Sarah Kalungu-Mrs, Director-Department of Human Rights, Elizabeth Lutwama-Director Department of Eldery, Esther Nasuna Favor-Executive Treasurer, Aggrey Wagodo Grace-Media Coordinator, Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin-Hon, President General

HTP Department of Relief & Disaster Management

Appreciation For Honoring Invitation For Our Fortnight General Meeting In Kampala On Monday 25th April 2016.
We would like to deliver a vote of thanks for honoring our invitation and turning up for our Fortnight General Meeting in Kampala on Monday 25th April 2016 at National Theater, Hat Restaurant 5:00PM-9:00PM.
We’re grateful to receive new members, fill a number of vacant posts and discussing various issues as the agenda was. The Executive Secretary will continue giving you updates and minutes as per the meeting. All resolutions and assignments as well as upcoming events will be communicated. Our next General Meeting will be on Monday 9th May 2016 though Departmental Meetings will continue and Trainings coming up. There still vacant positions to be filled and those with pending ID’s submit your passport pictures attached on PDF forms from

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin (Hon)
President General

Heal The Planet Team for 25 04 16 General Meeting in Kampala (8)Heal The Planet Team for 25 04 16 General Meeting in Kampala (15)APPRECIATION FOR HONORING INVITATION FOR OUR FORTNIGHT GENERAL MEETING IN KAMPALA ON MONDAY 25TH APRIL 2016.

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