HTP Statement on Downing of Egyptian Airbus Ms804 in Mediterranean Sea





HTP Statement on Downing of Egyptian Airbus Ms804 in Mediterranean Sea

Heal The Planet Global Organisation –HTP conveys condolence to the victims of the MS804 Egyptian Airbus under international investigation since it’s downing with 66 passengers on board in the Mediterranean Sea believed to be all dead.

We’re concerned about the continuous Air crushes suspected and linked to terrorist attacks claiming dozens of hundreds of lives of innocent citizens of the world.HTP ID -GRACE NAAMALA - Copy (2)

The battle against IS and all forms of terrorism and extremism is an alarming alert that needs very close attention and worldwide combined efforts than anything. The world must understand since World War II that no attack on humanity and threat to global security & stability must be taken lightly. World Peace & Security is under threat, the world is under attack and stability is compromised.

We continue to lose thousands every year as a result of brutality, greed, revenge and evil of section of the few and those disgruntled by the actions of others. We must be on a better side of history by redefining and shaping our future by our actions and decisions.

We strongly condemn such actions and we call for an end to this. We ask those we have entrusted with authority, power and resources not to disappoint and betray the trust of the good citizens of the world. We call upon peace lovers to take prudent actions within their means to stop evil.

May peace and stability prevail in the world.

Grace Naamala


Department of Research

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