HTP Statement on The Day Of The African Child

images2016 theme, “Conflict and Crisis in Africa: Protecting all children’s rights”.

On this day of 16th June 2016, the HTP(Heal The Planet Global Organization) under the department of social council would love to send its gratitude and concern to wish each and every African child a happy day of the African child. We celebrate what an African child goes through to overcome circumstances. This day is very important to us as the HTP together with the whole African continent and the whole world at large with which we advocate for peace, prosperity, transformation, equality, free expression of child rights and a violent free childhood to every African child. That is all an AfricanHTP ID-TIBAREMWA SOLOMON1 child would like to go through in his/her growth journey. We as the HTP under the department of social council feel so concerned about this and it’s our zeal and desire to see the African child suffering and inexpression of child rights come to end, and have a violent free childhood as any other person would love to grow up.

Therefore we call upon parents and every concerned authority to take note of this and celebrate with us.

Always show love, car
e and support to all children because they are tomorrow’s future.

Mr. Tibaremwa Solomon

Deputy Head

Department of Social Council



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