HTP Seeks ICC Arrest of South Sudan’s Riek Marchar, Asks Uganda to Resend Troops.

HTP Seeks ICC Arrest of Riek Machar


Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP writes to you in respect of the subject above; we’re concerned that peace has failed to prevail in the world’s youngest nation South Sudan in spite of earlier attempts to forge it through negotiations, talks, cease fire and much more. The greedy giants in this aspect have resorted into fighting and war which has claimed hundreds of thousands and millions displaced. There cases of rape, violence, defilement, war crimes and all sorts of human rights abuse contrary to the U.N Charter and Conventions on human rights.

We have a reason to seek this honorary court to investigate these claims and equally arrest one Riek Marchar responsible for the war and havoc in South Sudan since he is fighting a legitimate and recognized democratic government. We strongly warn that if the world keeps quite and shuns ending conflict in South Sudan, the rise of Islamic State-IS and other world terrorist bodies is an inevitable factor that is going to disorganize the region and the entire world, taking advantage of a war tone nation as a safe heaven for them like it is in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and others.

We therefore seek an immediate action taken to have this war lord prosecuted in this honorary court.

We look forward to your consideration on matter.


Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin (Hon)

President General

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