God Heal The Planet Like You Have Healed Israel-Kivumbi Audio Pod cast

God Heal The Planet like You Have Healed Israel-Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Click here to listen and download for free http://yourlisten.com/healtheplanet.htp/god-heal-the-planet-like-you-have-healed-israel-hon-kivumbi#

We recommend everyone around the world to take time and listen to this 30 Minutes sermon dedicated to Heal The Planet by HTP President General Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin. The History & Position of Israel in the global face, World Issues and Problems and a special prayer for the planet. Music in the Background I Feel Jesus, Ugandan Gospel Artist Ronnie Mukisa, South African.. Why me Lord, Americans.. Fix me Lord. God bless you as you share this.
Also Featuring; Burundi Unrest, Rwanda Genocide, DRC Question, South Sudan War, Gadaffi’s Libya and Invasion, NATO, Uganda, Syria, USA relations with Israel, Adolf Hitler, 6 Million Jews slaughter, Uganda relation with Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, World War II…


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  1. sekidde Joel says:

    woow it is a great great thing to hear thank you for the massage that you have delivered to us lee mi hope it will move on like that may God bless you abdaundntly good day


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