God Heal The Planet Like You Have Healed Israel-Kivumbi Audio Pod cast

God Heal The Planet like You Have Healed Israel-Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Click here to listen and download for free http://yourlisten.com/healtheplanet.htp/god-heal-the-planet-like-you-have-healed-israel-hon-kivumbi#

We recommend everyone around the world to take time and listen to this 30 Minutes sermon dedicated to Heal The Planet by HTP President General Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin. The History & Position of Israel in the global face, World Issues and Problems and a special prayer for the planet. Music in the Background I Feel Jesus, Ugandan Gospel Artist Ronnie Mukisa, South African.. Why me Lord, Americans.. Fix me Lord. God bless you as you share this.
Also Featuring; Burundi Unrest, Rwanda Genocide, DRC Question, South Sudan War, Gadaffi’s Libya and Invasion, NATO, Uganda, Syria, USA relations with Israel, Adolf Hitler, 6 Million Jews slaughter, Uganda relation with Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, World War II…



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