HTP Mourns Tororo Bishop John Lokwango

Our hearts are with the family and the rest of the fraternities morning fallen Tororo Bishop Lokwango John who passed on this week on 10th April 2018.  When we learnt of the news of his demise we were broken in pieces and we have no enough words to express our condolences especially the sweat memorable time we spent with him on 6th August 2016 during HTP 1st Top 100 Pastors Retreat at J& M Hotel Bwebajja. Its a thorn to us especially when we’re still morning  Pastor Nakafeero Zelubabel Sifa who passed on 4 months ago, was equally a delegate of the same summit! This is just too much of us.

For us as HTP we can’t forget Bishop Lokwango’s smiling face, his vote of thanks with phrases “You have organised such a great summit for us to meet as spiritual leaders, I have liked everything including the delicious meal we have had”.

This man of God  drove 220 km from Tororo Eastern Uganda to Bwebbaja on Entebbe road, he glad paid conference fee of 160k UGX for him and his assistant and when we were giving him  some transport allowance he refused and said you have done more than money please use it to clear bills! He moved us and since then once in a while we have been communicating to check up on him.

We have seen hundreds of posts by mourners on his Facebook wall and this shows how much people  loved, learnt and were blessed by him.

We shall forever miss you.

RIP Bishop John Lokwango.

HTP Mourns Bishop John LokwangoHTP Tribute to Bishop John Lokwango

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