State House, Deputy Presidency Kenya Hold Talks with Kivumbi in Nairobi.

HICGI News Agency

Nairobi, Kenya



Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin concluding his 3 day official Trip in Kenya has met with Top Officials of State House Kenya and office of the Deputy President  William Ruto.

Kivumbi has presented documents concerning the upcoming 1st Uganda Senior Citizens Convention to be held in Kampala at Twin Towers Conference Hall Office of the President on Monday 29th October 2018.

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has also received a separate document concerning Africa 54 Project under HTP as well as a DVD Gift from Kivumbi on 2016 HTP 1st Top 100 Pastors Retreat & Business Summit HTP Officials Earnest Benjamin & Princess Scovia Kivumbi, Naomi & Anitha Trip to Nairobi (34)that took place at J&M Hotel Bwebajja on Entebbe Highway.

Speaking to Kenya’s Government Top Officials, Kivumbi expressed urgency for embracing HTP & Africa 54 Agenda.


Kivumbi has been in company of his wife Princess Scovia Kivumbi and other HTP Officials Naomi in the Department…

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