Our Respect to Kofi Annan-RIP

Heal The Planet Global Organisation- HTP joins United Nations- UN Family and the world at large to pay repect to fallen Ex UN Chief Kofi Annan who passed on last Saturday at the age of 80 in Switzerland.

Mr Annan, a mild-mannered diplomat from Ghana, has been described by international media as a man who rose through the UN system to become its seventh leader in January 1997, serving two consecutive five-year terms till December 2006.

HTP agrees that Kofi Annan’s years in office were an exciting time. He put forward new ideas. He brought new people into the United Nations family. He spoke passionately about UN mission and role.

He further created a renewed sense of possibility both inside and outside UN about what the organization could do and be for the world’s people.

Like the rest of the team puts it, Annan’s most defining features were his humanity and solidarity with those in need.

“He put people at the centre of the work of the United Nations, and was able to turn compassion into action across the UN system,’’ Guterres said.

Some of the actions Annan took to include uniting world leaders to agree global targets on poverty and child mortality – linchpins of the landmark Millennium Development Goals.

“The former UN chief also joined with civil society and the healthcare injury to save lives from HIV and AIDS.

We shall continue to miss him. May God strengthen his family at this quite moment.


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