We Announce  New Appointments at HTP,  Prof Gilbert B Bukenya our 1st VP..

Directorate of Media Relations @ HTP

Today Wednesday , 13th Feb 2019, HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin has announced new and reaffirmed Appointments at Heal The Planet Global Organization-HTP.

While in Luwero, Uganda, E. Africa at 6:00GMT, President Kivumbi in a Radio Broadcast published on http://yourlisten.com/healtheplanet.htp/htp-announces-new-team-with-he-prof-bukenya-as-1st-vp and
http://yourlisten.com/healtheplanet.htp/htp-announces-new-team-with-he-prof-bukenya-as-1st-vp-2 President has announced Uganda long serving EX Vice President H.E Prof Gilbert Balibaseka Bukenya as HTP Vice President.

This Directorate is happy to anounce more Posts President Kivumbi has made.

1- H.E Prof Gilbert B Bukenya- 1st Vice President.

2- Mrs. Joan Ross- Vice President North America
3- Mr. Franklin Mondo Mugisha- 2nd Vice President
4- Mr. Malcolm Isaac Bulamu (Dir Diplomacy & Intl Relations) also now Senior Presidential Advisor.
5-Mr. David T Baguma- Chairman
6-Ms. N Suzan Lubogo- Peace Ambassador
7- Mr. Don Vicent Bwana – Dir Special Operations.
8- Princess Pauline Nassolo- Deputy Director Women Affairs.
9- Ms. Victoria Nampala Bugembe- Director -Directorate of Media Relations.
10-Lillian Fortunate B-
11- Hon Flavia Rwabuhoro Kabahenda- Dir Dept Social Protection
12- Hon Drito Martin Andi- Peace Ambassador

Please visit http://www.healdeplanet.org/about-us or http://www.healdeplanet.wordpress.com/about-us for more posts


Victoria Nampala Bugembe
Directorate of Media Relations


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