Uganda President Internalises HTP Report on Dr Michelle Corral Recent Humanitarian & Refugee Mission.

HICGI News Agency

Rwakitula, Western Uganda.

By our Reporters

UG President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is impressed by American Philanthropist Dr. Michelle Corral Humanitarian & Refugee Mission in Uganda last month.

According to sources near the president who have spoken to HICGI News Agency, indicate that Museveni has Internalised Heal The Planet Global Organisation – HTP Report accounting the 2 day Humanitarian Trip of Dr. Michelle alongside HTP North American Vice President Dr. Joan Ross and 10 other aides.

The American team conducted a medical outreach at Christ the
King Primary School in Kalungu Masaka where more than 1700 people benefited and
also received items for their day-to-day life on 08th October 2019.

Dr Michelle assisted by Heal
The Planet Global Organisation; Team
led by Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin
continued to Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Western Uganda; 3rd world largest
Refugee Camp supporting close to 100,000
refugees from Democratic Republic of Congo,
South Sudan, Somalia,

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