The Karamajong; World’s forgotten Tribe.

Special Appeal by Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin- HTP President

I want to add a brick to the transformation of this forgotten Ugandan Tribe. While many us try to live a middle income status, the Kalamajong struggle more like in “Stone Age” lifestyle no offence.
I have visited there homes in Kampala ghettos and it’s hard to accept if there village animal shelters of fellow human beings! When I watched a movie called “We were soldiers” the young journalist was speechless to describe what was happening behind the enemy line. I have come across scores of pregnant teneegers amongst them , no beds, no clothes, no medicine, no food for these brothers and sisters but surprisingly you still see a smile on them.

They survive on begging alongside there kids on Kampala Streets and picking food cuttings and left overs in Kampala markets and back home on Uganda, South Sudan – Kenya boarder districts which still I have been too , the situation has never been been fair, this is among the world’s endangered forgotten tribes yet there politicians and agencies making fortune out of there misery!

Can we take action?

Yes , personally I will begin by touching on some of my monthly incomes and do some things. We must secure these people for education, descent housing, medical and health facilities, clean water, clothes, food and much more.

How can we be comfortable living in middle income life in the same country where we have fellow citizens who live like lizards??

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