HTP Submits Prudential COVID Relief Project Report; Assesses Impact with Data Firm.

Inside Prudential UG & Prudence Foundation UK – Big & Generous Heart for Uganda Urban Poor ; 2020 COVID 19 U$40000 Relief Project is a title of the comprehensive Report we have recently submitted to our major donor so far this year.

R-L Prudential official Mr.Julius Kabenge receives Report from HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Brian Senkungu , Project Manager in his massage says “ …I took time and faith that a positive response was made. We immediately embarked on executing this work amidst the greatest threat we have ever encountered at the time when everybody panicked about Corona virus. I remember HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin telling me , “You’re taking us in the field and returning the entire team safe. You must not disappoint because I have confidence in you to deliver.”

Kivumbi in the report says he is grateful to Uganda Government through the office of the President and office of the Prime Minister for officially receiving and registering the donation as well as giving HTP permission to execute the Project of food relief distribution directly to people. He is grateful to security agencies , volunteers, HTP Board, members, Staff and well wishers for the incredible work to make HTP Mission & Agenda possible.

“This has been a successful Project amidst COVID 19 threats; my first worry was deploying our team and returning it safely for the several weeks we under took this having sleepless nights and tireless day time.” Kivumbi states. He adds that he is optimistic of achieving more in the upcoming humanitarian missions and requests for more donations and partners to power HTP global agenda.

Leilah Nabosa working for Research Firm interviewing Kivumbi at HTP office on Namasuba Hill.

Yesterday Tuesday HTP President Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin met with Ugandan Journalist Leilah Nabosa undertaking research for local Data Firm who interviewed him on assessing the impact of the June Project that reached 50 Villages in Kampala & Wakiso to more than 6000 families.

Uganda Government & State House will receive a copy of this report also.

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