HTP to Feed Teachers affected by Covid 19 Pandemic

Great citizens of the world, one act of kindness is enough to change the world. You have always trusted and responded to us whenever we have called you. Please contribute to our monthly feeding Campaign to vulnerable communities We’re targeting 1000 Families to get each (5 Kgs of rice, 2 KG of Beans, 2 KGs of Maize Floor, 1 little of Cooking oil, 1 bar of Soap and sanitary pads) affected by Covid 19 in Uganda. This will happen district per district.

Our target is this month are Ugandan teachers Please read this stiles. Short link:

On 5th October , Uganda is joined the rest of the world to mark International Teachers Day 2021. Private school teachers are surviving on handouts from sympathetic parents as school proprietors are unable to pay them because of the lockdown. Private schools are majorly dependent on tuition paid by learners to finance their operations. The abrupt closure of the schools in March impacted greatly on the finances of private schools. Godlove Baguma, a teacher in one of the city schools told URN that he was waiting for his salary for March when schools closed. According to Baguma, he hasn’t received his salary to date.

He explains that the school proprietor was expecting to get money from parents on the visitation day the following week. The father of two says that he has been struggling to provide for his family to the extent of calling some parents…

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