HTP Statement on Downing of Egyptian Airbus Ms804 in Mediterranean Sea





HTP Statement on Downing of Egyptian Airbus Ms804 in Mediterranean Sea

Heal The Planet Global Organisation –HTP conveys condolence to the victims of the MS804 Egyptian Airbus under international investigation since it’s downing with 66 passengers on board in the Mediterranean Sea believed to be all dead.

We’re concerned about the continuous Air crushes suspected and linked to terrorist attacks claiming dozens of hundreds of lives of innocent citizens of the world.HTP ID -GRACE NAAMALA - Copy (2)

The battle against IS and all forms of terrorism and extremism is an alarming alert that needs very close attention and worldwide combined efforts than anything. The world must understand since World War II that no attack on humanity and threat to global security & stability must be taken lightly. World Peace & Security is under threat, the world is under attack and stability is compromised.

We continue to lose thousands every year as a result of brutality, greed, revenge and evil of section of the few and those disgruntled by the actions of others. We must be on a better side of history by redefining and shaping our future by our actions and decisions.

We strongly condemn such actions and we call for an end to this. We ask those we have entrusted with authority, power and resources not to disappoint and betray the trust of the good citizens of the world. We call upon peace lovers to take prudent actions within their means to stop evil.

May peace and stability prevail in the world.

Grace Naamala


Department of Research


HTP Welcomes Uganda President Rejection of Tax Amendment Bill To Exempt Legislators.

HTP Statement on Uganda President Rejection of Tax Exemption Bill for Legislators



HTP Welcomes Uganda President Rejection of Tax Amendment Bill To Exempt Legislators.

HTP Welcomes delightfully the decision by the Ugandan President- H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to reject signing into law the Tax Amendment Bill that would exempt Ugandan legislators from paying income tax. This is a patriotic sign and negates the bad precedence and selfish act of the legislators who are heavily paid by tax payers.

We argue legislators to remain focused at national development and improving standards of living of the people they represent.

HTP calls upon leaders of the developing nations at different levels to ensure touching and changing the lives of their people.

Gloria Nantongo


Appreciation for Attending HTP 25th April 2016 General Meeting In Kampala

Heal The Planet Team for 25 04 16 General Meeting in Kampala (2)
Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP Team 25th April 2016 in Kampala from 3rd General Meeting 2016 . From Left, Gloria Nantongo (Staff-Department of Diplomacy & International Relations), Allan Andrew Semulema-Director Depart of Children, Alberto Mujeera-Director -Department of Relief & Disaster Management, Yusuf  Wor-Director Department International Aid, Sarah Kalungu-Mrs, Director-Department of Human Rights, Elizabeth Lutwama-Director Department of Eldery, Esther Nasuna Favor-Executive Treasurer, Aggrey Wagodo Grace-Media Coordinator, Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin-Hon, President General

HTP Department of Relief & Disaster Management

Appreciation For Honoring Invitation For Our Fortnight General Meeting In Kampala On Monday 25th April 2016.
We would like to deliver a vote of thanks for honoring our invitation and turning up for our Fortnight General Meeting in Kampala on Monday 25th April 2016 at National Theater, Hat Restaurant 5:00PM-9:00PM.
We’re grateful to receive new members, fill a number of vacant posts and discussing various issues as the agenda was. The Executive Secretary will continue giving you updates and minutes as per the meeting. All resolutions and assignments as well as upcoming events will be communicated. Our next General Meeting will be on Monday 9th May 2016 though Departmental Meetings will continue and Trainings coming up. There still vacant positions to be filled and those with pending ID’s submit your passport pictures attached on PDF forms from

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin (Hon)
President General

Heal The Planet Team for 25 04 16 General Meeting in Kampala (8)Heal The Planet Team for 25 04 16 General Meeting in Kampala (15)APPRECIATION FOR HONORING INVITATION FOR OUR FORTNIGHT GENERAL MEETING IN KAMPALA ON MONDAY 25TH APRIL 2016.

Uganda in Global Spotlight for Financial Digital Innovation-HTP Hails Airsave’s Damulira Henry at Protea Hotel

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin & HTP at Protea Hotel for Airsave (17)
Innovation Award Winning Henry Damulira of Airsave & HTP President General Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin at Protea Hotel-Kololo.

Mr. Damulira Henry is a Ugandan Innovation Award Winning Winner for year 2016 after initiating and innovating Airsave a digital mobile Banking Application that allows users to save money and withdraw it when the automated period of time reaches. The Company is partnering with Uganda Telecom Companies like Airtel & MTN.

Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP was privileged to attend the see off ceremony and Press Conference at Protea Hotel-Kololo yesterday 18th April 2016. Henry is set for Accra Ghana where he is going to compete for the world Innovation Award on 27th next week and thereafter descend in Silicon Valley, the mother of  invention for various internet technologies in United States of America.

HTP President General Hon Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin in company of Mr. Asiimwe Geofrey Jr, HTP Staff in department of Minerals & Natural Resources speaking to the invited guests at Protea hailed Airsave for the innovation and remarked that the tainted image of Uganda from previous dictatorial regimes and insurgencies is being refurbished on the global scene with the help of people like Henry Damulira.

Other speakers were Rev Peterson Ssozi & Representatives of U.N Youth

Were presenting to you images of the ceremony.



HTP Team Invited for BRAC & UNICEF Children & Youth Empowerment Workshop -Kampala

HTP Team Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin, Gloria Nantongo, Allan Kitonsa, Brac VICE Chairman Dr. Ahmed Mustapha Chaudruy & Peter Matson Mulindwa.HTP Team Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin, Gloria Nantongo, Allan Kitonsa, Brac VICE Chairman Dr. Ahmed Mustapha Chaudruy & Peter Matson Mulindwa.JPG1

HTP Team Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin, Gloria Nantongo, Allan Kitonsa, Brac VICE Chairman Dr. Ahmed Mustapha Chaudruy & Peter Matson Mulindwa Thur 14th April 2016.

Big ups for HTP Kampala 11 April 16 Meeting!

Words are not enough to share our gratitude for your over whelming attendance last night in our Special meeting. Thanks for sharing and we want to congratulate those who attained leadership and staff posts at Heal The Planet Global Organisation HTP, your Cards will be ready and you will pick them from Cairo Bank with our Director Department of Children Affairs Mr. Allan Semulema Andrew +256701362221.


Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

President General

NB: Thanks Mrs. Sarah Nandawula Monitoring Agent Department of Human Rights in a special way. We welcome Grace Naamala, Julian Mukasa N, Janette Nabosa, Nyago Michael Kivumbi, Aggrey Wagodo Grace in the HTP Family and not for getting my comrade Allan K Kitonsa Sava.

Blessings to U every one, lets work to the Resolutions and assignments we were given.

We shall continue to share Internal Memos in our Whats app group +256773137566 and from our Email Send your email if you’re not yet on the mailing list and apply for your card if you haven’t from PDF Forms on

HTP Special Meetings & Invitation for New Members.

Greetings HTP Member & Well Wisher. On Monday 11th April 2016 5-9 Heal The Planet Global Organisation HTP shall hold another Special Session in Kampala as we decided in our Resolution (Every after two weeks). We shall review our individual assignments, continue to award responsibilities in various departments and welcome new members. Today I would like to share some pics when I was at Hilton Hotel Nairobi for 4 days representing HTP at Africa Telecommunication Union-ATU preparatory Submit were I interacted with world CEO’s, entrepreneurs and Envoys.

Attached also is our certificate of incorporation.

Heal The Planet Certificate of Incoporation
NB becoming a Member gives you opportunity to share our internal memos, attend Regular workshops and travel opportunities as well as being considered for staff recruitment and Special assignments and voluntary work. Apply today and your Membership card will be issued at 20,000 UGX or U$8. If you’re outside the country we shall be posting your card on your postal Address. Download PDF Application form from
We still have vacant posts including Special Envoys/Ambassadors & Heads of Delegation,
Heal The Planet Departments – Education Program, Human Rights Monitoring, World Peace, International Trade, Children Affairs, Youth, Women, Disabled, Elderly, Environment Protection, Aid Watch Dog, Conflict Resolution, Diplomacy & International Relations, Sports & Recreation, Research, Science & Technology, Mineral Wealth, Health and many more. Send Add HTP to join our Whatsapp Group and Broadcast (Strictly HTP Activities) +256773137566 – Also call for more info +256702137566 Visit,, O BOX 3977 Kampala Uganda.
Send the Application form filled in clear Block Letters together with Passport Photo to

President General
Heal The Planet Global Organisation HTP
Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin

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HTP Stands In Solidarity With E.U Citizens On Brussels Terrorist Attacks

Download Audio Podcast here



We stand in solidarity with European Union Citizens at this time of attack against a free society. The Terrorist Attacks claimed by IS at the Metro Station and Brussels International Airport claiming scores of dozens of lives and hundreds injured is a coward move.

We want to reaffirm our commitment as Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP in condemning and fighting acts of terrorism, extremism, jihadism, violence and all kinds of impunity against humanity.

We want to reecho our voice of peace, love and unity amongst all people around the world and ask for calm.

The world should be reminded that terrorism remains a global threat since 9/11 and that multinational combined efforts should be exercised to fight it.

Governments must increase their intelligence and surveillance as well as tighten security to combat such actions.

And while we extend a notion of love to the wandering migrants, we must be careful of evil doers who might use the opportunity to settle, reorganize and recruit our young people and good citizens.

We should ensure that we stop unnecessary invasions against nations that can sow evils seeds of hatred and revenge amongst people and we should strive to promote negotiations and peace talks between governments and opponents rather than use of force and violence and undemocratic steps to topple leaders.

May the world have peace.

Grace A Ertzgaard

HTP Special Envoy

Oslo, Norway

Download HTP Membership Applications Forms;Vote Of Thanks To Participants of Kampala 21st March 2016 Special Meeting





We would like to thanks all those who attended our HTP Special Meeting we convened in Kampala last night (21st March 2016), it was such a great mile stone. Lets continue working together in the same spirit and we look forward to our next meeting on Monday 21st April 2016 5-9:00pm at the National Theater next to Uganda Parliament. Join our Whatsapp page through +256773137566 and like our Facebook Pg and Follow us on Email Discussions and sharing Minutes and Resolutions will continue, Email Thanks

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin (Hon)
President & Founder
Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP
NB Find Membership Forms on

About Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTPKivumbi Earnest Benjamin

Uganda’s 2nd Daughter Ps Patience Lwabogo Prophecy on Uganda


Uganda’s 2nd Daughter Ps Patience Lwabogo Prophecy on Uganda
A week before Ugandans went down for polls early this year 2016, second daughter Patience Kokundeka Museveni Rwabwogo a Pastor at Nations Covenant Church at its new permanent premises on the shores of Lake Victoria in Luzira, Kampala preached a prophetic sermon on Uganda and its position on the African Continent as a rising super power.

Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP ( in conjunction with HICGI News Agency ( brings you President Museveni’s soft spoken blue eyed cool daughter who has trailed with him on various campaign rallies as he sought his new term of office after 30 years in power which he won in a landslide victory. The Audio Podcast of this message is just here for you to listen, share and also download for archives.

Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin the President & Founder of HTP & CEO/President HICGI News Agency attended the service in which Pastor Patience says America lost the truck when it chose to run away from God. She says God is raising a new super power, a nation of Uganda which is going to be head of nations. This is not the first time Patience is giving this prophecy on Uganda. See her mother’s website on the subject

Read more: -We're a Global Agency focusing on Healing the Planet in Special Consultative Status with United Nations & Governments who understand that the world can be better place. HTP undertakes and tackles multiple touching and sensitive issues affecting our world through programs and departments established. Our Main Website is & sister site is