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Registration Now Open for UG Senior Citizens 1st Convention slated Mon 29th Oct 2018 at Twin Towers Conference Hall Office of the President/OPM-Kampala.

We bring warm greetings to you from The Senior Citizens Forum and HTP;
On 29th Oct 2018 the forum which began as Digital Social Media Platform comprising of more than 200 influential personalities in the country from Political, Economic, Cultural, Academia, Religious, Cooperate and celebrity angle is going to mark two years.
This forum is not only remarkable but a pivot for decisions, voices and ideas that shape and set agenda on issues of national concern. Strong men and women continue not just to post but shade true emotions of how much they should be understood from the bottom of their hearts. This is what we yearned when the idea first came to us.
During this journey, we have extended to other countries to hold similar platforms with same the same notion, these include Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and South Sudan.   Click here to Listen to Audio

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